It’s OK to be a crappy girlfriend in the beginning of a relationship. This is the courting phase and you are supposed to follow some basic rules to make yourself desirable. Many of these rules include not calling him back right away, blowing off weekend plans while still in the non-committed phase, and telling him you’re not entirely interested. Because, dude. Maybe she isn’t.

The problem is, once you do want this guy, to have and to hold, you need to start being a freaking gem of a girlfriend. The following 10 signs you make a crappy girlfriend will help you steer clear of bad behaviors that take your girlfriend game down a notch. Because, let’s face it, he’s dating you now- and he wants a return on his investment.

10 Signs You Suck in Love

  1. You Don’t Give Blowjobs- No excuse for this. Grin and bare it girls. This should happen several times per week and you better like it.
  2. You Don’t Care About His Passions– It takes a lot for men to open up and share their worries and dreams. If you aren’t actively listening to what drives him, you’re missing out on that intimate bond he trusted to have with you. Bad idea.
  3. You Nag- Yes, his choice in music sucks. You already knew that. And he pushes all the covers off the bed. He brushes his teeth in the shower. He can’t for the life of him pair together orphan socks from the dryer. He’s a loser boyfriend in many ways, but you love him for so many others. So, stop nagging him. It just adds a negative score on your card.
  4. You Ignore His Mom– Let’s be clear. She’s number one. And one day if you have kids, you’ll want to be too. Respect that mother of his, and love her without looking like a kiss ass. Be genuine and try to form a relationship with her based on similar interests. You already have one thing in common.
  5. You Suck at Cooking- You don’t need to be Julia Child in the kitchen, but you should have a few classics you’ve mastered and cook them like nobody’s business. A roasted lemon chicken. Steak. Spaghetti. Bonus points: Learn to make a freaking sandwich. Italian style. He should get these meal rewards whenever he does extra good at work or completes improvement projects around the house.
  6. You Deny Sex- This is probably the worst thing you can do to your boyfriend. This doesn’t mean you are a sex slave bowing to his every sexual need or demand, it simply means you should never deny your man sex because you’re tired, have a headache, etc. Sex releases endorphins that can cure half that pain anyway. So, go with it, and you’ll always be an awesome girlfriend.
  7. You Don’t Eat– Men like women with appetites. Appetites for sex, appetites for excitement, appetites for love, and appetites for food. Passionate people eat, and try new things. If you want to keep your man interested in you, you need to be spontaneous and count the moments, not just the calories. This doesn’t mean you should pig out. Make smart choices and enjoy life a bit more.
  8. You’re Selfie-Obsessed- Crappy girlfriends post selfies on social networks to garner more attention from men. Why is this necessary if you have a man? Do you really need to flirt with other people if you’re happy? Don’t worry or upset your guy by posting selfies of yourself with pursed lips and low cut clothing. Be a girlfriend and save the sexy for him.
  9. You Hold onto Grudges- If you’re the girl that would rather fight than communicate, then your relationship efforts truly suck. If you have a guy who wants to devote himself to you, and you can’t compromise, admit your wrongs, and work to find a solution with this man, then you are seriously wasting both of your time. There’s no excuse to play immature mind games. Figure it out.
  10. You Changed- Unless of course, the changes are improvements that benefit both. Crappy girlfriends continue to change and grow apart from their partners. This doesn’t mean they’re bad people, people deserve to grow, and we often grow apart. But if you’re pulling some guy along as you morph into who you really want to be, well then, you played the cruelest game of all. If you tell a man you love him, and you really don’t, you’re a crappy girlfriend.

That’s all.

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