1. He Thinks You’re Funny

We’re not talking about wit or that one-liner you never could tell. You make him laugh by being you. Absolutely you. You’re ridiculous, playful, crazy and charming. You’re funny because you’re not trying to be. But, you still manage to rock his funny bone each day.

2. You Build Dreams Together

What would relationships be if they didn’t support common goals? Your true love will be on the same path as you. If he’s not, he’ll start walking yours. Together you will build your future based on your mutual dreams.

3. You’re Gorgeous as Hell to Him

You know you are. He could see 1000 different women in any given day, but he’ll be much too busy doing his work and boyfriend job, he’ll fail to really notice. You don’t have to be flawless. No one is. But, in his mind, you are. Because he loves you.

4. He Lifts You Up

He’s proud of you and wants you to achieve things in life. Not for the money. Not for the fame. (Perhaps you don’t need either!) But, simply because he thinks you’re amazing and believes in you. He’ll lift you up, because you deserve to soar.

5. He Makes You Smile

From head to toe. He might be a prep, a goofball, a class clown. But, if you love him, all his quirks (for the most part) will make you smile inside. His excitement becomes your excitement. You’re his biggest cheerleader, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

6. He Surprises You

No lazy lovers accepted. If your man takes the time to plan your engagement, a surprise birthday party, or some other romantic event, he flat out loves you and you should marry him. This is why so many women say yes to the blimp in the sky engagement.

7. He Never Gives Up

Nobody wants a quitter. Quitters ruin relationships from their lack of commitment. A head strong man who goes into a marital union is a keeper. He’ll always do his best to make your marriage work. That’s why you should marry him, already.

8. He Flirts

With you! It might be secret little messages written on the bathroom mirror, handholding, or stealing kisses, a man who flirts with you and gives you attention will make you feel good, and will keep those love embers burning.

9. Your World Got Better Since You Met Him

We’re not talking a Cinderella story (gotta love that!) we mean you finally feel like you, and some guy came along and said you’re the only girl that fits me. Your world got better because he values what you bring to him and your relationship. He will work to make your happiness his top priority. So, he put a ring on it.

10. And you should say yes.

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