Step aside Mr. Bubble. (Maybe that’s just me.) You should always stash the following things in your shower so that you can scrub, exfoliate, and hydrate without stepping out, or running out, of the following beauty essentials.

Deep conditioner

Frazzled hair not only looks unruly, it takes your sleek style down a notch, in a very big way. Show your tresses some TLC and be sure to keep a deep conditioner on hand for a once a week hair pampering treatment.

Body brush

 \Dry brushing feels soooo good, and it sloughs away all dead skin, improves circulation, and reduces the appearance of cellulite. Keep a firm bristle brush nearby and be sure to brush off before turning the water on.

Coconut oil

When used sparingly (slippery when wet) coconut oil can be used to treat skin, nails, feet, and hair. A small amount added to the bath will envelop your skin in silky goodness.

Color correcting shampoo

I could never be without my purple shampoo, which counteracts any brassy tones in my blonde hair. Use a color enhancing shampoo several times per week to keep red vibrant, blonde bright, and brunette dark and rich.

Essential oils

Turn your bath into a pampering retreat with essential oils. Whether you add a few drops to your bath or using a diffuser to scent the room, a fragrance is sure to evoke feelings of rest and pleasure.

Body scrub

More salt, please! A sugar or salt scrub is a must-have in the shower. Use several times per week to buff and polish.

Manicure tools

When stashed in a basket on the side of the tub, manicure tools and implements make a welcome addition to your pampering routine. I ALWAYS do my nails in the tub because my cuticles are easier to push back, and my feet get the added bonus of a foot bath. Win-win.

Perfumed soap

Soap, soap and more soap. Keep a variety of soaps in your shower for variety. A few rose or lavender scented bars and a liquid body wash will scent your skin with lovely.

Wide-tooth comb

Long haired girls, this is for you. Keep a comb in the shower so you can remove tangles while your conditioner penetrates. Always comb wet tresses from the bottom up to prevent breakage.

Rubber duck

Because…shower time can be very, very fun. Set the mood for play and splash away.






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