The lines on her hands are much more than wrinkles. They are years of nurturing, caring, providing, cleaning, and baking endless apple pies for her loved ones. She has nursed several, cared for many, and been strong through it all.

When you’re 80 years old you don’t need mascara, nor do you need to spend hours in front of the mirror, subjecting yourself to the senseless self-criticisms you told yourself in your youth. Beauty is wisdom. Here are 10 ways to feel beautiful when you’re 80 years old. (Here’s a hint: you don’t need many!)

  1. Wear Bright Colors- You don’t need to opt for full-on resort wear when you age, but adding a pop of color can instantly make you feel more youthful and vibrant. Corals, blues, and purples (like the little old lady who wore it) feel fresh, and they highlight your complexion without needing extra cosmetics or accessories.
  2. Smile- A smile is the number one beauty staple that anyone can wear. Part of aging means growing wise and learning to let the small things go. A smile looks good with everything, and it’s the easiest way to make new friends and stay social, which is fundamental if you want to stay feeling young and energetic. Fill your calendar with new friends and faces and learn to find the beauty in every moment. Wear your happiness. You’ve earned it.
  3. Moisturize-Keep your skin hydrated with gentle cleansers and moisturizers. If possible opt for regular facials to keep your skin refreshed and moist and to prevent further signs of aging.
  4. Be Grateful- Aging can take its toll mentally, especially after suffering the loss of valuable friends and family. Practicing grace is a daily habit that can help you find peace in whatever situations you can no longer control. Look at the bright side and find several things per day that you’re thankful for. Finding the meaning of life often means appreciating what’s part of it. The good and the bad.
  5. Have Hobbies- Have passions and hobbies, Don’t let age stop you from learning how to swim, dance, or take that pottery class you’ve always dreamed about. When you feed your mind with new skills, you stay young and mentally active. Don’t forget what it is you love to do. When you live passionately you will wear the beauty of satisfaction.
  6. Wear Lipstick- The brighter the better. Stock your beauty cabinet with a collection of coral lipsticks, or even those quirky mood lipsticks that turn the most fabulous shade of fuchsia upon application. Forget the eye makeup and the coverage, instead opt for a cheerful and playful pout that can be applied with ease, in a moisturizing cream formulation.
  7. Talk About Sex- Even if you’re not having it. Part of being a woman means knowing who you are, and what you like. You can share your stories of passion. And maybe even teach your daughters or granddaughters something in the process.
  8. Get a Pet- Loving and nurturing are just part of the traits you’ve likely mastered by the time you’re 80 years old. So why let that go? A new pet is an exciting companion that you can take for walks, cuddle with, and just hug when you feel lonely or sad. Having love for another, no matter how many feet (or paws) makes you feel beautiful and worthy of good things and happiness.
  9. Let Go of the Past- Misery can add years to your appearance. In fact, an unhappy life can flat drain the beauty right out of you. Make peace with past mistakes and let go of those situations that have hurt you or caused resentments. Life is simply too short to wear bitterness as your favorite lipstick.
  10. Buy a Few Trends- Stay fashionable. Now is not the time to invest in classic and staple pieces that you’ll wear forever. Instead, shop for clothing styles that make you feel happy, fashionable, and expressive. Buy the leggings. Make them purple. And don’t forget those bright fuchsia lips. Because growing old is a privilege that is denied to many. If you’ve been lucky enough to make it this far, the beauty rules no longer apply to you.

Life has a crazy way of showing us what’s truly important. With age, all women lose parts of themselves they used to find the most desirable. That’s OK because behind all those Polaroid pictures and memories of days gone past stands a woman. 80 years old, and completely beautiful and self-assured. Rich in her experience of life.

(We need that bottled.)


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