Too good to be true? We know our Botox pricing is so fabulous it’s practically mythical. So, we’d like to dispel the following 4 myths about our special Botox pricing to all the non-believers.

While we do love being rare and wondrous, we’d rather help save you some cash so you can look your best.(Because you deserve to.) Moore Beauty offers Botox at an amazing price simply because we can.

Let’s bust the top 4 myths.

Top 4 Moore Beauty Botox Myths

Myth #1- We over-dilute our product

No, sorry. Our product comes freeze-dried from Allergan and must be diluted for delivery. Providers have options on how they wish to dilute their Botox.

We prefer to dilute to the strictest concentration for accuracy. The most important question is how many units am I getting for my injections?

Typically for the 11’s or the frown lines the prescribing dose is 20 units. On some areas, we take a customized approach, as no one is treated the same way or has the same needs.

 Myth #2- Our Botox is fake

No, sorry. We only use FDA-approved products trademarked through Allergan and Merz Aesthetics. Moore Beauty has an exclusive partnership with Allergan that allows us to receive discounted pricing that we pass down to patients. Cause we’re cool like that.

Myth#3- Our specials will be around forever

Maybe not, sorry. We’re not sure when these prices will cease. They might just be introductory and POOF! They could disappear at any time. It’s purely supply and demand and our current purchasing power. Want to help keep your Botox prices low? Contact Moore Beauty today to reserve your units while you can.

Myth #4- Low prices reflect low quality

No, sorry not sorry. Women want Moore. (And we know that!) Our injectionists are industry experts with years of experience treating patients. Book and get your Botox at the best price with our phenomenal service specialists. Only found at Moore Beauty.

Yeah we know, we’re the Botox unicorn. Call today before it’s too late. You’ll never see anything like this again.



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