Go ahead and be a rebel. We’ve heard all the same beauty rules, and we can assure you it’s okay to throw caution to the wind and break the following. (We dare ya!)

Go One Shade Lighter with Concealer– In theory, lighter concealers and foundations sound like a great idea. Brightening your complexion has a youthful and luminescent effect. However, going one shade lighter with your concealer can actually make the circles under your eyes look much darker, and you more sallow and tired. Instead, match your concealer to your complexion as best you can and then rely on brighter or highlighting creams to add that healthy glow.

Don’t Wear Matching Lips and Nails- Monochromatic makeup has a bad reputation. It can look dated (that’s for sure). Matchy-matchy can also look super fresh and modern. Consider pairing hot pink nails and matching lips, or opt for a soft mauve lipstick and match with a lavender nail. This pulled together look is always feminine, so forget the rules. It’s a beauty win.

Redheads Can’t Wear Red- Say what? Want to make a redheaded lady lose her temper? Tell her she can’t wear the sexiest (of all) rouges on her lips. Of course, redheads can wear red lipstick. Not sure who made that up. In fact, strawberry redheads are stunning in blue-reds, whereas dark reds can rock the oranges.

Wash Your Face at Night-  “Even though we all know you’re supposed to wash your face at night, sometimes you’re just too tired, “says medical esthetician and clinical trainer, Leigh Ann Walters. A must-know secret is to apply a pea-sized retinoid and dot it all over your face before passing out. it will work to provide the exfoliation process and cell turnover while you sleep. You can opt for a prescription strength product or consider Neutrogena’s Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Moisturizer.

Less is More- No, it’s not,  actually. It’s less. If you want to kick up the drama and really create a signature look, sometimes you have to go all out and over the top. Blue eyeshadow, baby blue nails, a cat eye, and pink lips. Could these look half as pretty without the other? Of course not.

You may have heard that blending too many colors or makeup styles is a beauty don’t, but it really can be a do. Try different variations of colors or stick within the same family for best results. Yes, you can have long nails, a cat eye, and bright lips. You just have to have them all TOGETHER to create your signature look. So be bold, daring, and fearless. A little over the top can be a very good thing.

Who needs beauty rules anyway? Toss ’em.


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