We’ve all been guilty of a few tress mistakes. Was that bad hair day really just your fate, or did you screw things up by doing any of the following?

Using the Wrong Products

Hair types are all different and the wrong product usage can kill even the best haircut. Heed the advice of your stylist when selecting hair care products, and when you can splurge for quality, go for it. Inexpensive hair products can contain harsh detergents and alcohol that can dry out your hair and make it look lifeless rather than shiny and healthy.


Maintenance is one of the most important aspects of hair care. Book regular trims so that you’re not left with split ends, and always keep your color touched-up. Although the ombre trend is in, grown out roots are one thing, but fading color or unflattering tones can wash your complexion out. If you can’t afford regular color appointments than opting for something more economical such as highlights.

On a Whim Cuts

After a bad breakup, you may be tempted to cut your hair or change your style. Think twice before doing this. In fact, enlist the opinion of your closest friends and family before changing your hair entirely. People that know you best know how you look your best, so don’t do anything crazy when you’re feeling stressed.

Changing Stylists

It’s fine if you want to break up with your stylist. That happens. Just be sure you don’t try a new stylist each and every time you book a service. Hairdressers work hard to get to know your hair type and the condition of your hair. They have hair goals for you and are often planning how to fix some of your challenges, although that process can take several months. If you keep switching teams you’ll never have that ideal client and stylist relationship where he knows exactly what your hair needs, before you even ask.

Shampooing Too Often

Daily shampooing is a huge mistake for most hair types. The exception would be for those that work out regularly and sweat, or women who have oily hair and need a daily cleanse. Opt for a dry shampoo in between washings to keep your hair feeling fresh. You’ll decrease your styling time, and protect your color and condition in the process.


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