Is it time to cut off your hairdresser? After all, last time you had your visit you left with a halfass haircut that felt uninspired and boring. Just like a long-term relationship loses its sizzle, your hairdresser and you may need to appreciate what you’ve lost, and discover if there’s something moore.

5 Signs You Should Make the Cut

  1. Don’t blame it on her bad day. It’s your freaking hair. Hairdressers have a tough job because they can’t roll into work feeling like a negative Nancy. Every client must be treated as an original piece of art. And that can be tiring. If you feel less than pampered and you find yourself making excuses, it’s time to cut things off for the time being.
  2. Everyone runs late, but if your hairdresser can’t stay on schedule you may have no choice but to move on. Before you make the escape, you should let your stylist or the reception desk know that you’d like to add additional time to your appointments so that your hairdresser can see you as scheduled. Sometimes there is front desk conflicts and it could be as simple as letting the staff know that running 15 minutes late is not an option. Especially every time.
  3. If your stylist spends his time discussing his personal life, you may quickly feel like the armchair counselor, instead of the other way around. Personal life stories make for easy conversations, but your time with your hairdresser should really be about you. If your stylist can’t remember basic things about your life after you’ve been loyal for many months, then it’s time to find a stylist who listens a little more to you. (OK, a lot.)
  4. Bad haircuts can usually be fixed by contacting the salon or hairdresser to express your dissatisfaction. If you give your hairdresser an opportunity to fix his mistakes and he does a good job, then you might consider delaying breakup. If this is the first-time visit, take a hint and make it the last time. You should never hate your hair when you walk out the door.
  5. If your hairdresser is not experienced or familiar with new trends and techniques it is probably time to give them the boot. The beauty revolution is coming and hairdressers and service providers are more trained and offer better equipment and technology. If your hairdresser is living in the past, it’s best to leave them there.

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