How do you know if injections are right for you? And better yet, where should you go, and who should you trust to perform the procedure?  I sat down with Julia Hoy, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner and Line of Business Director for Moore Beauty. and got the scoop on what you should ask before the needle takes its plunge.

5 Questions to Ask Your Injectionist

What are your credentials and certifications? You should know their education and training to back up their licenses. People have different licenses.

How much experience do you have? How long have you been injecting, have you been doing advanced techniques? There’s a lot of on the job training in addition to the certification.

What treatments would you consider you’re specialized in providing? They may be doing a lot of one thing, and not everything.

Do you provide a customized treatment plan for me and not treat me like a cookie cutter?

How do you provide a consultation with me as a patient? It should be a comprehensive consultation that includes not just injections but also the skincare because you want to have an investment in what you’re spending.

Know these facts before you get injected, whether that be with Botox or fillers. Contact Moore Beauty today and book.a consultation to learn Moore.





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