There’s something about lip injections that can make anyone get a little…squeamish. A needle placed through the tenderest of skin hardly sounds like a picnic. But, oh my, the results make lip injections completely worth it.

I sat down with Moore Beauty’s expert injectionist Julia Hoy to get the scoop on the bruising, pain, and other nightmarish fears that might have you saying NO… to our most popular injection treatment of all.

Do Lip Injections Hurt?

Whenever we have a new patient come in, most have told me they have been waiting over a year to take the plunge because they’re afraid it hurts.

We use a very powerful topical numbing agent. All the fillers that we use have anesthetic in them which helps numb the pain. Ice also helps to control bleeding and bruising as well as swelling.

*Topical numbing, anesthetic, and ice before injecting is Julia’s secret recipe for painless lip injections. Most people rate the pain as a scale of 2 on the scale of 10. When topical numbing, anesthetic and ice are used, pain is minimal.

Will I Bruise?

Patients that take aspirin, ibuprofen, Vitamin E supplements, fish oil, and/or Omega-3 fatty acids have a greater tendency to bleed and thus bruise. Put your wine glass away before your big lip day because you will bleed, as alcohol is a blood thinner. The less bleeding, the less bruising. The ice helps as well as gentle injections with a tiny needle.

What if They’re Too Big?

You will experience swelling for 2-3 days. The first 24 hours is the most prominent. Once the swelling subsides you’re gonna want it back. In a big way.

How Do I Deal with an Allergic Reaction?

We have not had ANY reportable allergic responses to the fillers we are currently using.

How Long Do They Last and Can I Afford Upkeep?

6 months. Pricing depends on the product but you can expect to spend around $500 to plump ’em up.

Thanks to Moore Beauty’s generous package plans, you can save some cash and stay kissable all year round. Check out our beauty club packages here and book you lip service today.





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