Need to ease some pre-date jitters? Look and feel your best long before he pulls up with the following 6 things to do before your hot date.

Get Ready to Sizzle

A huge part of a woman’s allure is her femininity. Play up your assets and get ready to make him swoon. Here ya go.

Get a Manicure and Pedicure

It’s the small things that count. When your nails are painted and trimmed you’ll feel more like a lady, and believe me, he’ll notice. Opt for colors that ignite his passion. Many men love classic neutrals, hot reds, and some find dark hues sexy and daring. Casually find out his style if you can. (Be subtle.)

Whiten Teeth

Use whitening strips prior to date night to make your smile dazzling. It’s a sign of confidence.

Take a Milk Bath with Rose Petals

A warm comforting milk bath will soften your skin, making it silky to caress. Throw in a few rose petals and essential oils and you’ll get yourself in a romantic mood in no time.

Use Body Oils and Shimmer Lotion

Soft skin begs to be touched. Make sure you layer on the lotion and use a body oil or a shimmering variety on your shins, shoulders, and clavicle. A little glisten never hurts.

Play Some Music

Turn on your playlist and dance about as you slip into your evening dress. You’ll burn a few calories, center your thoughts, and get yourself into an instant good mood. That’s attractive.

Wear Heels

Even if they are just 1-inch tall, that extra height will make you feel like a woman, and damn, that’s sexy.

Ready for your date? What’s your favorite date-night tip?




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