Are you addicted to all things girly? Working in the world of beauty is empowering. Helping women look and feel confident is a rewarding and creative career. If you want to paint the world a prettier place, here are 7 jobs that will welcome you into the beauty universe.

1. Cosmetologist– If you want to learn all major techniques in the beauty services profession you’ll need to get your cosmetology license. Licensing hours vary by state, as do the services a cosmetologist is licensed to perform. Check with your state’s licensing agency and enroll in a local beauty school to begin your formal education. Most licenses can be obtained within a year.

2. Esthetician– An esthetician focuses on the skin. Just like cosmetologists, an esthetician has to go through a formal education based on instruction hours, and then pass a written and practical state exam. Estheticians perform facials, body waxing, eyebrow shaping, and more.

3. Eyelash or Eyebrow Specialist– Cosmetologists and estheticians can both obtain eyelash extension and eyebrow microblading certification through ongoing education and hands-on instruction in the process. Once you’ve obtained the required certifications you can work at beauty salons and eyebrow studios and make a lucrative income applying gorgeous faux lashes and shaping brows.

4. Make-Up Artist– If you love cosmetics you can begin your career as a makeup artist by working at a cosmetic counter. Major beauty brands provide additional training on makeup techniques and trends and some artists further their career by doing freelance work for weddings and photo shoots. Bear in mind some states require a cosmetology license to render these off-site services. Department store beauty counters do not.

5. Sales– If you love sales and beauty, why not pair them together and begin your career in beauty sales? You can start with local department store beauty brands, big box stores like Sephora or Ulta, or at chain professional beauty supply companies. Once you have sales management experience and a record of goal smashing, you’ll be qualified to manage a territory for major cosmetic or haircare brands.

6. Beauty Writer– Everything needs words. From packaging to launches to beauty blogs, a beauty writer must possess a knowledge of the industry and be a wordsmith. If you find yourself following popular beauty blogs and have an engaging writer’s voice, why not begin your career as a freelance beauty writer? You’ll get to write about what you love, and if you love to write, that’s pretty amazing.

7. Salon or Spa Owner– If you have investment funds and want to dive into the world of beauty with strong business knowledge, you can open your own salon or spa or join a franchise or investment opportunity. This will provide you with work in an environment you enjoy.

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