7 Laws of the Beauty Universe

There are rules to beauty, as in love. You don’t call or send the first text message, and you don’t pair glossy lips with long hair on a windy night. This is obvious to most, but unless you get a grip on the things that take your beauty game down, you’ll keep wiping lipstick off your teeth while sporting a chipped manicure.

Your choice.

Game On.

7 Laws of the Beauty Universe You Need to Follow:

Thou Shalt Smell Good: Personal hygiene is always your first concern as you must smell beautiful all the time. After visiting the powder room, you need to cleanse and powder up. French women understand that, and that’s secretly why you like them. Forget the arm hair, we’ll discuss that later in a waxing post. Today you need to smell pretty and make it a daily mantra.

Wash Your Face: Thou shalt not pass out with your makeup on, ever. Wash your face the moment you get home if you’re the type to commit this beauty sin. Your skin will thank you and you won’t look like a train wreck at 3:00 AM.

Dress Sensually: Thou Shalt Wear Silky Things:  Your comfy sweats should be reconsidered, even at home. Satin slips, kimono robes, cashmere sweaters and ballet flats work even better for classy effortless loungewear options. Go through your closet and say goodbye to your ragged favorites. Though shalt not hoard a closet of worn-out, sloppy clothing. Wear silk.

Use a Face Cream: Though shalt nourish the skin on a twice-daily basis. Once in the morning and once at night. Nourished skin is healthy, moist, and attractive. Add false eyelashes or eyelash extensions and your beauty routine is minimal. Keep your skin hydrated and follow the recommendations of your eyelash expert to maintain the beauty of your lash line and skin.

Thou Shalt Not Have Ragged Cuticles: Ragged cuticles and unkempt nails take your beauty game down about 10 levels at least. This is obvious, because your hands are in motion all day long and you probably even talk when them. So, chipped nails look unkempt. It’s a gnarly distraction. Plan on painting your nails and using a cuticle trimmer and emery board at least twice a week. Invest in a good nail polish remover and cuticle cream and make at-home maintenance a ritual.

Thou Shalt Not Have Unkempt Brows: Ok, maybe you’re not ready for microblading. You still need to put some effort into this part of your appearance. Eyebrows are like frames on artwork, trimmings on apparel, and details in design. Get your best brow from microblading or eyebrow waxing and remove 10 minutes from your beauty routine. The brows are magic.

Smile: Thou Shalt Not Be Gloomy. Even if you’re feeling in the basement you should smile. Many good things happen when you practice smiling. First, you become more friendly and approachable to all the possible benefits of random meetings and events. Second, you just look better happy. One of the keys to happiness is feeling good, and that happens naturally when we look our best. The one powerful beauty secret that we can all afford is a smile. Wear yours, often.

These beauty commandments are the basis for feeling beautiful and looking even better, in your own skin, every single day. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars to look like it. Maintain your natural beauty, focus on your assets, and enhance the rest by following these simple beauty rules.

Feeling lovely comes from a nurtured place, where you understand that taking care of your skin, your hair, and yourself impact your world. Make your day more beautiful. Begin with you.




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