You may think it’s easy to tell when you’re getting dumped. But it’s not. Not always, that is. Sometimes guys keep those aces in their back pocket, and until he has a reason to jump ship, he’s not ready to.  He’s been preparing for it for quite some time, unbeknownst to you. Here are the top 7 not so obvious signs he’s going to dump you.

Disclosure: These signs may or may not reflect your boyfriend’s current feelings, they should be used as an analytical tool to discover more about his intentions. In addition, these tips apply to ALL relationships, not just wedded, long-term, or new squeeze. If he’s doing any of the following, he might be fixin’ to leave!

1. Argues All the Time: Has your significant other become a stick in the mud, arguing, defensive, incompatible date, as of late? Trust us, if you’re shaking your head, he’s shaking his too. In gloom. This relationship is making him an unhappy man. He’s just figuring out his plan.

2. No Future Talk- He used to talk about getting married, like 3 years ago. Now he can’t even discuss his plans for the next week. Why? Because he’s secretly hoping a zombie apocalypse might happen, you’ll disappear from the face of the earth, and he’ll be forced to settle down with that hot and tough Armageddon chick with the pitch-black hair you always wanted to try. But didn’t. So yeah, let’s just say a little action is on his mind, and it has nothing to do with moving your relationship into the future.

3. Your Needs Are Last- A man that truly cares about you and who wants to be with you will make all your needs a priority to him. He may not understand why you must have things a certain way, but he’s willing to compromise his needs and place yours before his own, at least part of the time!

4. He Shows No Interest: If your partner shoes zero interest in your family, friends, social activities, etc., it could be a sign that he’s going to break up with you. When people are truly committed to one another they want to play active roles in one another’s lives. When he starts to withdraw, or shows no more interest in YOU, it’s because he’s over you, and it’s time for you to move on.

5. He Stops Calling and Texting: You probably remember the days when your boyfriend called and texted you all day long. Relationships do slow down over time, but if those cute text messages have been replaced with one word answers or the dreaded “K”, it’s safe to assume that he’s just no longer interested in you.

6. The Compliments Stop- This goes beyond just criticism. If your man has just up and stopped complimenting you, be on the lookout for an impending breakup. The longer a man is with you and loves you, the more he will naturally appreciate you and be drawn to all your desirable traits. He’ll feel smitten and want to share these feelings. If you’ve noticed a cold or quiet shoulder when it comes to all those little sweet nothings that make you feel good, he’s probably ready to dump you. Or he’s just aloof!

7. He Tells You- The most obvious sign he’s going to dump you, yet the hardest one to accept, is that he flat out tells you. This might be in the face of a heated argument, or over a long dinner discussion where he begins to explain why things just don’t feel right. Either way, take it for face value. You know how he really feels now and you have two choices. Work it out and work hard at it, or let the guy go.

If you feel your boyfriend is displaying any of these 7 signs that he’s going to dump you, why not just ask? He could be the type that just can’t do the dirty work. It’s best for you to keep your eyes open, trust your instincts, and don’t invest more time on a ship that’s going nowhere…

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