It feels good to fit together with perfect chemistry. Mind-blowing sex can take your relationship to new heights. Here are the following 7 signs you guys already have a steamy love life and there’s even more in store as your bond grows.

  1. You Are Comfortable Naked– In the beginning of a relationship, it can be awkward to walk around naked. Once you get to know one another those moments are made sexy and are often an invitation to play. If you’re always covering up your body or worried about what he thinks of you, you either need to increase your body confidence or accept maybe he doesn’t make you feel good about you.
  2. You Laugh During Sex- When sex becomes less about being perfect and more about being fun you’ll share many moments of memorable intimacy. If you can laugh through awkward moments with your man, you have a clear sign of being sexually compatible.
  3. You’re Adventurous- No boring sex for you guys. If you and your partner spice things up on the regular, that means you feel good with one another and feel totally comfortable sharing new sex positions and your fantasies.
  4. You Can Cuddle- Sex isn’t just about the act. When you make love to someone you are sharing an intimate bond that continues long after the deed is done. If you’re sexually compatible you will both want to feel close afterward. You’re sexually compatible if your attraction and desire to touch rolls into cuddle time.
  5. You Don’t Make Excuses- When you have a strong attraction to someone you won’t find the need to make excuses to avoid an afternoon delight. Couples who have a strong sexual connection both feel satisfied from their close and impromptu encounters and this means more sex. Fewer excuses.
  6. He Knows You- A sexually compatible partner will take the time to learn your body and what you like in bed. He will put your needs before his own and will wait until you are satisfied before he seeks his happy ending. If your partner is into you, he will get to know you, and these adventurous explorations will heat up his desire. Be sure to show a man you want to please him as well and do your part in satisfying him.
  7. It’s Just There- Chemistry is felt. Sexual desire and sexual chemistry are both such strong emotions it’s hard to ignore them. If you feel hot, desired, adventurous and respected, you are sexually compatible with your partner.

Rest assured even if your relationship doesn’t possess all these signals of a strong sexual connection, you can improve things by making more time for intimacy and letting go of sexual inhibitions. Address your concerns with your boyfriend, and work together to spice things up in the bedroom.

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