Products. Products. And more products. That’s not the answer. The following 5 glamour tips will make you look and feel beautiful in an instant. Works every time.


Nails are so important. They make one of the first impressions because people are constantly using their hands, and of course, you might even talk with yours. You don’t need to invest in regular manicures if you can’t afford it. Simply keep your nails trimmed and your cuticles managed so that you have that “effortless” look. If you like artificial nails but can’t afford the time or the money to get them done, check out the KISS brand of artificial press-on nails. For less than a cup of coffee (from Starbuck’s, that is) your nails will look fabulous. Screw the caffeine.


Hair maintenance is equally important. Although the ombre trend is still going strong, it only looks intentional when it is. Book regular hair appointments with your stylist and if you’ve been getting bad cuts as of late, you may want to consider switching stylists and opting for a new cut and look.

Dress for Your Body

Don’t wear unflattering clothing. It’s much better to skip the trends and look classic than it is to jump-on the low-rise jean bandwagon, muffin-top and all. Not everything you see in stores will work with your figure. Learn your body type and how to dress your best to enhance it. If you need help enlist a friend.

Smell Nice

Hmmm…the power of fragrance. It can take us back to a long-forgotten memory. It can remind us of a loved one, or an occasion in which it was worn. Check out our list of fragrances that will make you smell like a million bucks. Because yiu always should. And it doesn’t cost much.

Whiten Your Teeth

Smile! Oh, wait, nevermind. Here are some whitening strips. Yellowed teeth are not attractve but fortunatly they can be prevented and treated. Avoid over-compusion of coffee, tea, and cigarettes. And then, whiten them. You can opt for professional whitening services or just test out over the counter whitening products to find one that works to dazzle your pout.

Drink Water

Drinking water will hydrate your skin and that will make you look younger while preventing wrinkles.

Want to fake it?

Contact Moore Beauty today. We offer a complete menu of services that every girl needs to feel absolutey beautiful. Because even though you already are, women still want moore! We’ve got laser hair removal, fillers, Botox, oh my.


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