I’ve been known to make a few mistakes. This blog is focused on just the beauty ones.

No matter how savvy you might be with that cat eyeliner, I can bet each and every one of you has made at least one of the following mistakes in the beauty department. Here’s how to polish up your makeup game without any blame. (Hey, they’re just tips.)

Makeup Mistakes to Avoid at all Cost

  1. Eyebrows- Besides waxing mishaps or over-tweezing, overfilling your brows or creating an unnatural arch is one of the most notable makeup mistakes. More so, the brows define your eyes and are most certainly one of the most prominent facial features. Professional brow shaping will get your brows manicured in the most natural way possible. A skilled lash and brow artist will find the right arch and style for your facial shape and even if you don’t book regular maintenance appointments, you can follow the arch and fill in at home and remove stray hairs in-between salon visits.
  2. Unblended blush- Blush is a lovely way to add some much-needed color to your complexion, and let’s face it- blush just makes life a little rosier. But…many of us have been known to overdo this very good thing and apply too much or select a color in the wrong hue. Your blush should slightly enhance your cheekbones, as if you spent time in the snow or the cardio zone.
  3. Chapped lipstick paired with lipstick- This beauty mistake is the most unattractive (like, ever) when you’re looking to seal a kiss. Exfoliate lips and apply a lip balm before lipstick application, especially if you wear drying-matte formulations.
  4. Too Much Perfume- It’s one thing to have a signature scent and quite another to clear a room because of it. Make sure you spritz your fragrance at least 30 minutes before you leave home to allow the scent time to dissipate and blend more naturally with your own body’s chemistry. Be mindful of overusing heavy or sickening sweet scents, especially.
  5. Caked on coverage- Out of all cosmetic mistakes, men are most likely to notice this one. Full coverage foundation (especially layered) can make you look older, and who wants that? A lightweight tinted moisturizer will provide blendable coverage and won’t look heavy or chalky.
  6. Too much sparkle- Adding luminosity to your complexion will brighten you up and draw attention to some of your best features. With that said…be mindful in selecting your highlighter and avoid gaudy glitter and party makeup in a professional work setting. (We know, it hurts.)
  7. Bad nails- You don’t have to have a full set to make yours look polished. Ensuring your nails are always manicured and your cuticles trimmed will help you look groomed and pulled together whether they’re red or bare.
  8. Baffling bronzer- There’s nothing like summer. Most people feel better with a tan and wear a bronzer in a hue way too deep for their skin tone. Not only will it look unbelievable if your face doesn’t match your neck or arms, a bronzer that is too orange or ruddy can age you faster than the sun.
  9. Lipstick mishaps- This. Doesn’t. Need. To happen. If you’re going out for the night and you know a mirror won’t be in sight, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Stay far away from bold lipstick hues unless touch-ups can happen. There’s nothing worse (except, that is, nobody telling you about it) than having lipstick on your teeth or feathering outside your lip line. Lip gloss is best.
  10. Self-tanner. Props to you if you decided to forgo the rays in lieu of a self-tanning spray. You are quite brave. Unless you master your self-tanner application technique, you will find yourself right here, in the beauty mistake aisle.

Clean up your makeup act. Stat.

Need a professional makeup application for your next big event? Avoid these mistakes and contact Moore Beauty today.


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