There’s something quite charming about being quirky. After all, life favors the bold. If you’ve been staring at those white walls for far too long, snap out of it.

Here’s how you can find eccentric pieces of art that liven up your rooms and tie your home together with style, in the most unusual way.

Trust Your Instincts

Not everyone thinks of pairing a zebra head atop a man’s suit, so when you see these sort of pieces and they speak to you, you must listen.

It is in these unique creations that you discover a small piece of yourself. Rather than hunt for art that is made famous by purveyors, develop your own keen eye for details and compare what you like about each piece. Soon you will see similarities that define your true art style.

Go Crazy

Less is not always Moore when it comes to art. Art can have more impact when paired together haphazardly.

Shop different sizes, mount in different frames and hang in different positions until you feel the art has found its home. Look for common colors, themes, and meanings and you can hang them together using your own creativity for a brilliant result.

Look for Art Everywhere

After you’ve invested in a statement piece keep your eyes out for any small or large artifacts or paintings that you can pair with it. Draw inspiration from your interior and your furnishings and don’t be afraid to pull up to that roadside find and throw it in the trunk.

Art is all around us, and one man’s junk is always another man’s treasure.

Hold Onto Your Collection

While your style may change and your interiors may alter, you should never discard pieces from your art collection.

Just as some people collect books, art is a tangible investment that becomes part of you. If you find your art pieces no longer work in your home, try moving them around in different places and in different rooms. You can create drama with art, romance with a single painting, and capture your free spirit with a print that tells the world, you’ve got more issues than Vogue. (And we can bet that editor never threw her copies out.)

Follow Artists You Love

Following an artist on their social pages allows you the first glimpse at their new pieces. You’ll be made aware of any specials and giveaways and even learn a bit about the new collections and their inspirations.

Once you find that artist you love you can follow their journey and each piece will soon begin to tell the story of your present place in time.

Art is a Rewarding Hobby

Collecting art is like writing your very own diary that you’ll cherish for years to come.

So long as you trust your instincts and let your personality shine with each piece of art you purchase, you’ll be decking your walls with personal style, in no time.

So what if you’re quirky? We are too.

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