If you’ve just opted for a Kybella treatment or are on the fence about opting for this non-invasive fat reduction treatment to rid a double chin, then you should first take a look at some of the most common side effects to decide if the treatment is right for you.

Once you’ve decided to remove the extra fat under your chin with Kybella injections, the last thing you want to do is have even more swelling, making the area prominent and resembling that of a bullfrog. But, it’s a given that you will be swollen after Kybella, no matter what. (Amongst other things.) Here’s a look at the not so pretty side (yet!) of this innovative cosmetic procedure. Should you opt for lipo or Kybella?

Here’s a look at the not so pretty side (yet!) of this innovative cosmetic procedure. Should you opt for lipo or Kybella?

Side Effects of Kybella

  1. Swelling- Swelling after Kybella happens pretty immediately. The area will remain numb and sore for at least several days, but the swelling at its worst will peak around day 2 or 3. This is hard to prepare for. At least for me, it was. I knew my chin would be sizeably different, what I didn’t expect was that it truly looks like a big lump atop my neck. From the frontal view this isn’t so bad, but when I look at my side profile, I look like a Kybella candidate who is perfect for Kybella.
  2. Soreness- First, let’s talk about pain. Everyone tolerates it differently, to me, Kybella was a fairly uncomfortable treatment. With that said it lasts only a few minutes so the burning that you’ll feel from the acid entering your chin will be quick and temporary, perhaps only 10-15 minutes.
  3. Bruising- I do have light bruising around the injection site which is to be expected from any sort of injection. Considering I had 20 injections of Kybella, I think my bruising is fairly minimal.
  4. Numbness– Going on day 7 my neck still feels numb. Be prepared this common side effect can last months. Because most patients require 2-3 treatments spaced 60 days apart, you can expect to feel numb for about half the year.
  5. Swallowing- In addition to the soreness numbness, some patients report temporary difficulty swallowing from the swelling in their chin. This may last several weeks or until your post-treatment swelling begins to diminish.

Kybella or Lipo?

Even though there are several side effects with Kybella, the results are impressive enough to consider Kybella treatments over liposuction for ridding a double chin.

Consider some of the factors and costs associated with liposuction vs. Kybella, according to Dr. Sterry:

Which is best?

Should you opt for lipo or Kybella? “The answer really depends on the patient, their anatomy, and what they want to achieve.  First, Kybella is a quick and easy injection that is specifically designed to remove a double chin.  However, the results can’t be extended past the double chin and will not treat an entire neck as liposuction can.”

Consider the downtime.

“Liposuction requires the use of a compression garment to be worn around the head/neck region for 4 days to ensure the formation of a “seroma” (a collection of benign fluid).  With Kybella there is essentially no postoperative care at all.”

Factor the cost.

Dr. Sterry explains the financial expense for two doses of Kybella is roughly 85% of what double chin liposuction would cost in New York City.  However, if you need more Kybella treatments, this will present a further cost to the patient for the product.

Are you interested in learning more about Kybella treatment for a double chin

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