Good intentions just aren’t good enough. Especially when it comes to your fabulous set of Russian Volume lashes.

Taking care of your eyelashes at home is an important step in your beauty routine. The following professional tips for lash aftercare will ensure you look lovely in between touch-ups.

  • Stay Dry- No water, sweating, or makeup for 24 hours after the initial lash application.  If your lashes are exposed to either of the three is can cause premature loss within just a few days.
  • Cleansing- After 24 hours, it is important to keep up with washing and brushing your lashes 1-2X/day with a mild face wash. It must be oil free. Oil is your biggest enemy as it can break down the glue causing premature loss. After washing your lashes, let your lashes air dry, or you can take a blow dryer on a low & COOL setting to dry them quicker. It’s important not to brush your lashes while they are wet, as they as most vulnerable and can fall off easier.
  • Mascara- No waterproof mascara. Remember the more makeup you wear and the more waterproof it is, the harder you will have to be on your lashes.
  • Silk Pillows- Sleep a little crazy? Invest in a lash pillow or silk pillowcase to help prevent your lashes from being pulled out. Added bonus- your hair will look nicer in the morning and sleeping on silk can prevent wrinkles.
  • Clean Your Brushes- Lash brush get dirty? Simply wash your brush with an oil-free face wash & let it air dry. Good as new!
  • Avoid Oil-Based Products- If you use any oil based facial products make sure you keep away from the lash line, this will help prevent premature lash loss.
  • Exercise- Wash your face 30 minutes prior to your workout, it’ll help keep some of the dirt & oils away from your fabulous lashes.

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