So there you have ’em. Just as soon as you started batting your lashes, they started falling out.

Here’s why your eyelash extensions aren’t staying on, and how you can protect your pretty investment.

The Glue Didn’t Cure

Eyelash extensions should never get wet for the first 24-48 hours. If you’ve showered or washed your face while the glue was in the curing stage the lashes may not have adhered properly. Result? Bah-bye. Remember, keep them dry for TWO days.

Technician Error

Not all lash artists are the same. Many do not apply lash extensions properly. Whether they didn’t prep the lash or apply enough glue, if you’re having lash fall out, contact your lash studio for help and revisit the artist who applied them.

Stomach Sleeper

Oh yes, it feels good, but stomach sleeping can wreak havoc on your fragile lashes. Try making the switch to your back and your lashes won’t be exposed to all the tosses and turns you take in the night.

Makeup Remover

Avoid oil-based makeup removers at all costs as they can begin to break down the glue. Oil-free is best. Even better, start applying less makeup around the eye area now that you have lashes, and you won’t need to clean up the eye area so much.

Lash Shed

Lashes go through individual life cycles and it’s not uncommon for you to lose several lashes per day. Bear in mind if this KEEPS happening, one of the other reasons for your fallout is likely.

You’re Tugging On Them

If you’re the type who loves rubbing her eyes, lash extensions might not be for you. Being rough, rubbing, and pulling at your lashes will without a doubt, make ’em fall out.

Need a fixin? Contact Moore Beauty today.


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