The sun. The surf. The pile of paperwork. It’s all waiting for you, when you return. Everybody needs a vacation, but after a week of no contact with your boss, you’ll need to show back up to cubicle paradise just as motivated. Here’s how.

Don’t Bombard Yourself with Meetings

Although your missed time likely has you scurrying to deal with important matters, too many meetings in one day will overwhelm you. Schedule all cadences a few days after your return so that you can organize your assignments, respond to emails and calls, and get back into the swing of things without feeling like it’s time to book another bon voyage.

Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author of “The Humor Advantage,” tells Business Insider. “Take several minutes to plan your day before diving in, focus on priorities, and don’t be afraid to ask for support.”

Get Rest

No more Pina Coladas for you. Once you’re back in job mode you’ll need to ditch that carefree attitude and keep your focus on the task at hand. Limit alcohol consumption during your work week and avoid eating bad foods just before bedtime. Get ample rest so that you can concentrate and put 110% into your duties.

Catch Up with Coworkers

Spend a few minutes making the rounds when you head back into the office, but beware sharing pics and videos of your tropical escape. Employees that have been starved for time off won’t appreciate seeing you relaxed in the hammock. Especially if they had to keep the ship afloat while you were out. Keep the conversation light and make it more about office events and all the important details you should be notified about before diving in.

Keep Your Home Organized

The best thing you can do after a vacation is to unpack right away and organize your home. A messy and cluttered home will make it hard for you to concentrate at work, even if you work outside of your abode. To make this task easier, do a deep cleaning of your home before you take a vacation, and, when possible, launder all your clothing before returning home from your trip. This makes it quick to unpack and put things in their place.

Plan Another

Vacations should be mandatory. Daily work and stress can eventually affect your performance and motivation behind the desk. When you get home, instead of experiencing a bout of spring fever or summertime blues, look forward to planning your next destination trip. Spend your nights curled in bed visiting websites that you can then drift off thinking about them. And when you awake? Get back to your dream job. Dreams don’t work if you don’t!



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