Are you worried about not feeling sexy when you’re pregnant? Many women fear getting pregnant because they’re certain it will diminish their partner’s attraction to them, and of course- most women are in no hurry to gain weight. Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful and miraculous experiences the female body could ever go through. Here’s how you can look and feel your best while getting plenty of rest for arrival day.

Tips for Feeling Sexy When You’re Knocked Up

You don’t have to be born with special genes to look gorgeous and glowing as a mom. Your body is going through amazing changes that can work in your favor if you play ‘em up.

1. Beauty appointments: Being pregnant means you deserve some special pampering. This is especially important if you’re experiencing morning sickness and can’t fathom getting up and taking care of your basic grooming. Try to budget every month and include a few splurges that make you feel your best. This might be a manicure, monthly massage, haircuts, or other beautification services. Always check with your doctor and beauty expert before opting for anything while pregnant, just to be safe.

2. Opt for a Uniform: It’s hard to feel sexy when NOTHING FITS. Instead of investing in maternity clothing, shop for larger and stretchier knits that can carry you close to your ninth month. Long cotton maxi dresses, exotic caftans, yoga pants, leggings, and stretchy knit skirts all work well to show off your bump and enhance your sexy curves.

3. Wear Makeup: When in doubt, opt for red lipstick. No matter how sick you feel or how tired you are, you can amp up your sex appeal simply by wearing red lipstick. Find the right hue for you and make it a go-to for instant glamour.

4. Watch Your Diet- Your doctor will make the appropriate recommendation for your weight gain based on your body size and the rate of your baby’s growth. You only need to consume 300 more calories per day when you’re pregnant, so be mindful of what you eat. A glass of milk, cup of yogurt, etc. are healthy alternatives to junk food and will get you in the ideal calorie zone without over-indulgence.

5. Exercise: If you can move safely, just do it. Speak with your care provider to find out how much and what type of exercise you can do, and then make a point to do it. Staying fit during your pregnancy will make it easier to lose the weight later, and you’ll feel sexy. What could be better?

6. Have Sex: Last, don’t forget what got you here in the first place. Having sex with your partner while you’re pregnant is a different game, but it’s one that can be equally fun.Try new positions to maximize your pleasure and rely on good old-fashioned foreplay to make you feel good when you’re intimate. Your partner still sees you as the sexy and beautiful woman you are, now more than ever. Keep him interested and keep the fire burning and you’ll both feel sexier and more attracted to one another.

While it’s natural to fear the effects of pregnancy on your appearance, these basic tips will help you embrace the memorable changes taking place. You’re growing a baby inside of you. A little person who will have a heart full of dreams. How beautiful is that? Now go put on your comfiest caftan or maxi dress, throw your hair up in a bun, and revel in the sexy, strong and gorgeous woman that you are. Becoming a mother is beautiful.

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