Not all random sex encounters have to be taboo. You can have meaningful sex with a stranger if you keep a few things in mind. The following tips do not apply to a guy you’ve been sexting or chatting with for some time. This is straight up elevator sex talk, and how to do it right. (Because you secretly want to try.)

From Strangers to Lovers (For a Minute)

Have No Expectations

Where’s this going? Nowhere. That’s the best part. Your random sex encounter will probably never lead to a long-term relationship. Why? For starters, you’ll probably spend half your relationship wondering how many girls he’s hooked up with, or IS hooking up with, in this same fashion. You don’t need that. Your random sex encounter is meant to provide you with sexual pleasure and boost your confidence. This isn’t love. This is sex. Once and done.

Understand Your Needs

If you’re giving it up, you better get something out of it. You need to have a keen understanding of your body and what pleases you so that you can tell the dude what to do if need be. Bonus points if you don’t have to. Your random partner should aim to satisfy you first. So, speak up and without inhibitions. Otherwise, you’ll feel used up, unsatisfied, and like a complete idiot that you got a man off, who couldn’t even return the favor. What a jerk.

Pick a Safe Location

Safety is important, especially when it comes to stranger sex. NEVER invite your shag partner back to your home, and avoid going to his. Your one-time random sex act is best suited for the back of a car, down a dark alley, in a club bathroom, on the plane, etc. You know, public places.

Carry Protection

Since your random sex encounter is meant to be random, you need to be prepared for it, when it happens. This means carrying condoms to prevent the risk of disease and unwanted pregnancy. It will be absolutely no fun to begin the sex act, only to be told the guy came unprepared and can’t dress the part. Take control of your health, be proactive, and always carry protection.

Have Some Standards

Sure, chances are you won’t find Prince Charming through a random sex act, but that doesn’t mean you must ditch all your standards while seeking a one-time lover. If the guy seems like a mistake, then be smart enough not to make it. You’ll lose respect for yourself in the process.

Tell Your Friends

Safety in numbers! If you’re planning on having sex with a stranger, keep your friends in the loop. If they’re aware of your intentions, they’ll be alert if something seems off or they can’t contact you. If you plan on leaving the bar with your random stranger, ask your friend to get a picture of his driver’s license, or send her a pic of his license plate. Again, it’s best to have random sex in public (yet out of view) places.

Go Crazy

Here’s your chance to be a porn star. You can try out new positions, practice racy sex talk, and ACT like the hottest slut he’s ever banged in his life. It’s a fantasy, a roleplaying game, and one in which you should have NO shame. You’re never going to see this guy again. Who the fuck cares if you bang on the car rooftop or take your turn at domination?

Random sex with a stranger can be meaningful, so long as you know it means nothing, and absolutely everything, all at the same time.

Have fun and be safe!

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