The holiday season is here and that means not just celebrations with family and friends, it also means that a new year comes before us. The Auld Lang Syne tribute to days gone past will soon mark your new beginning. We are left to ask ourselves. What have we learned?

What is Happiness?

The Buddhist monks spent over 2500 years of practicing inner peace, and yet we all have the same desire. With all of the noise complexity in relationships and our professions, trying to calm one’s mind is virtually impossible. We find our peace in our own ways physically and with hobbies to try to find it, yet what are we trying to find and what is happiness?

This is What I’ve Learned

Happiness isn’t a state of mind. It’s an experience. You can choose to embrace it or not. It will come with the good, the bad, and the ugly because we’d never be able to understand what happiness is unless we look at its complete opposite. It’s yin to its yang.  We all quest for happiness as if it’s an end goal yet its something we should be embracing throughout our lives, throughout our days and throughout the minutes of those days. However many that will be.

How to Experience Joy

Ask yourself if you have any joy at this moment. Don’t focus on any problems, negative emotions or turmoil within your world. Listen to your heartbeat. And your breathing. Listen to the sound of the rain and feel the rhythm. Learn to dance in it.

Each moment in time is all that matters in the pursuit of happiness.

This is where it lives.


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