If you’ve been coveting fabu-lashes and just can’t seem to make the commitment to lash extensions, you will LOVE the lash lift and tint alternative. Promising pretty lashes for at least two months, the lash lift is the perm you can feel good about. Because the last time you got one of those, well…

What is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift is a perm for your eyelashes. Lashes are rolled onto a rod and perm solution is applied. After the processing period, the lashes are neutralized and set in the perfect curl formation until the lashes fall out, roughly 2 months later. Adding a tint in either black or blue-black will further emphasize your lashes and make it look like you’re wearing mascara, even when you’re not. You sneaky devil you.

Does it Hurt?

If you watch lash lift videos the process can appear to be intimidating. That’s because a big curl rod is placed over your closed eyes during the entire processing time. Although the service might look uncomfortable, the only thing you’re likely to experience is slight burning and itching as the perm solution sets on the lashes. This is because of fumes and is only temporary. The process is complete within an hour and there is zero downtime. You can add mascara to your lashes for extra ooomph! or just be thrilled with the results as-is and go au natural. (Sorta.)

Who is it Good For?

Everyone. A lash lift is a total game-changer for your eyelashes. Whether you’re just not into extensions, are tired of wearing strips, or can’t seem to get a decent curl, the lash lift will show those lashes who is the boss and get them curled so that you can ditch your tools. At least for a little while.

Pair your lash lift with microscultping (microblading) and your beauty routine becomes easier. Moore time to focus on the fun stuff… like what to wear to work.

Ready to wake up beautiful? Contact Moore Beauty today to book a lash and tint.


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