Autumn is the season of letting go. Why not feel your best as the winds change? Get rid of the damage from long days basking in the sun, and fall in love with your skin instead. This is why you need a micro peel because even if you thought you didn’t, you probably do.

Why You Need a Micropeel

Lifeless skin cells dull your complexion and make you look old and tired. Who wants that? Although summer has it perks (sun, sand, tans, etc., you get the picture) once it ends, your complexion is left with all the telltale signs that your skincare routine took a dive, all season long.

While facials are ideal for hydrating, cleansing, and removing impurities, they can only do so much when it comes to targeting problem areas and serious skin concerns such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and acne scarring.

Unlike a chemical peel, a micro peel goes beyond exfoliating and smooths the skin’s surface, thus drastically reducing the appearance of scars and fine lines. Results are instant with the micro peel and improve even more after a few weeks.

How Micropeels Work

Get that frightening Sex in the City scene out of your head. When performed by a licensed and experienced medical esthetician, a micro peel is safe, comfortable, and has little, if any side effects.

Before the AHA solution is applied, skin is dermaplaned to thoroughly remove all dead skin cells. This process is similar to shaving your face. (Which, by the way, isn’t just for men.)

Once the skin is exfoliated a custom-strength AHA solution is brushed on for about 10 minutes. Although some people do experience stinging and itching during this step, the effects are usually temporary and painless. After the AHA is removed a stimulant is applied and followed by a moisturizer which specifically targets your skin’s needs.

After the Peel

Although you’ll be fine to continue with your day as planned, everyone needs a reason to chill out in front of Netflix, especially in a cozy chenille turtleneck sweater and a cup of tea  (bottle of wine) tea.

So, feel free to kick up your feet and relax while the micro peel continues to beautify while you click next episode all night long. You’ll probably experience light shedding over the next several days. Staying indoors will prevent you from having to explain yourself to all your family and friends. It’s not their business anyway. It’s not every day a girl sheds her skin to become an even MOORE beautiful version of herself.

Say goodbye to the old.

Get ready to welcome those long nights and prepare your skin for a restful and restorative winter. Contact Moore Beauty to get your autumn micro peel and let glow of summer. (For now.)


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