Rain Drop Massage

Combines the invigorating Science of Aromatherapy with techniques of reflexology and massage. We apply essential oils to various energy points on the body in rain drop pattern, which brings structural and energetic alignment to your body!

$115 – 60 min
$145 – 90 min
$195 – 120 min

Swedish Massage
Lighter pressure, with a more symphonic flow of strokes. This massage style promotes natural relaxation, stress relief and letting go of daily worries.

$95 – 60 min
$145 – 90 min
$200 – 120 min

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage features firm pressure, directive strokes and divine trigger point therapy for stress. This method results in increased circulation and decreased lactic acid in body. With the combination of sports technique and stretching to enhance your body’s modality in daily life, you’ll leave feeling relief in your stressed muscles.

$120 Deep Tissue – 60 min
$150 Deep Tissue – 90 min

Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage
Embrace a total-body experience with warm stones, and lighter-to-medium pressure massage style focused on smooth strokes. Hot stone massage relieves muscle tension, improves muscle tone and promotes lymphatic movement. The use of Himalayan salt stones and volcanic rocks promote natural total body stress relief.

$125 – 60 min
$165 – 90 min
$225 – 120 min

Focused Massage
This massage technique focuses on specific areas of your body, where stress and tension have built up. Trigger point Therapy release rejuvenates and restores. Come experience targeted relaxation!

$95 – 60 min
$135 – 90 min

Reflexology Massage
This age-old technique utilizes trigger points and targeted therapy on areas that directly effect every organ and system in the body. Reflexology  promotes the flow of energy, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and energized.

$70 – 30 min
$140 – 60 min 

Prenatal Massage
This technique relaxes the fatigued mama-to-be. Promotes lymph flow, corrects sciatica issues, lessens low back pain and lessens the dehydration of your skin. Helps maintain optimal health throughout your entire pregnancy.

$100 – 60 min
$150 – 90 min

Lymphatic Medical Massage
This unique massage promotes detoxification of entire body. By releasing fluid retention and toxin build up, you’ll leave your massage with renewed energy levels!

$100 – 60 min
$150 – 90 min
$200 – 120 min

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