Your eyes are the window to everything. And goodness knows when you’re not having a good brow day, everything in the whole wide world seems wrong. Suddenly you hate your outfit. Your mascara sucks, and the next thing? You’re taking all your makeup off just because of a bad brow. It happens.And you’ll know it when you’re left standing in front of the mirror, working with waxy pencils and messy powders.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a hot beauty technique that will fix your brows for up to one year. Basically, microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo drawn on with a pen that has small blades, rather than with a tattoo machine. The deposited ink will heal over the course of two weeks and you’ll be left with a semi-permanent eyebrow, filled with perfection and paired with the most attractive arch for your face shape.

You’ll need one retouch 4-6 weeks after to ensure ink is deposited and that you like the shape and color. This part is crucial for longevity, and you should probably get your stray hairs groomed at your next appointment just to keep your browline sharp.

Spend Time Doing Other Stuff

It’s autumn and the days are getting shorter and it feels so good to stay in bed. Microblading your eyebrows omits one major step in your beauty routine. Framing your eyes is the secret to looking good without makeup.

Wake up with beautiful brows and book a microblading appointment today. You’ll have Moore time for yourself, your cup of coffee, and for scrolling makeup and fashion inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram.

You will never have brow envy again.




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