Forget the bleaching treatments. You can whiten your teeth at home with some charcoal and make ’em black before turning them white. Just like that.

Benefits of Charcoal On Your Toothbrush

Although charcoal is one of the latest trends in the beauty world, it’s been used for quite some time in toothpaste formulations to effectively cleanse and whiten naturally.

In Roman times, charcoal was a ready ingredient that was always added. Believed to absorb toxins and stop the poisoning process, the National Institute of Health states that charcoal is often used to treat toothpaste overdose. Who knew that happened?

Things to Consider

Although activated charcoal toothpaste powders can no doubt brighten and whiten your smile, the American Dental Association warns that overuse of charcoal can strip away a the enamel, and once that’s gone, it’s gone. Eventually, the dentin will be visible and since dentin is naturally yellow-tinged, your teeth might look worse than they did before. So use in caution and sparingly and as an extra treat when you want to whiten in a flash.

Where to Buy Charcoal Toothpaste

Ready to go ancient style with your smile? You can buy charcoal toothpaste and toothpaste powders from specialty brands, or go old school and break up a few activated charcoal tablets right onto your toothbrush before giving them a scrub. Sure, it looks weird. Often weird, is a very good idea.

Give it a try and see if charcoal will whiten up your pearls. Speaking of, contact Moore Beauty today and learn about our beauty club and our exclusive Pearl membership. Our elite services and outstanding attention to detail will keep you smiling all year round.






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