Dear Blacklisted Client,

It had to happen. I canceled your last appointment because I’d rather take my lunch.

I bet you sit in a comfy office space eating your salad while I rush out in between lashes and highlights to find myself a little, you know, grub. Or maybe I took a retail shopping break…at Goodwill down the street.

And when you show up, late, once again, I have to tell my next client I’m running behind, and then the next client after that. Not only does it impact my whole schedule, I end up pissing a lot of loyal clients off. I dutifully get you seated in a rush to get started, and then you start a conversation that goes a little something like this.

“I was running late today because I have a formal event at work and I have to find the perfect dress. I have no idea what to wear or how I should style my hair. Oh, and are you available for an updo Saturday afternoon? It won’t take long. Let me see, I can probably be here around 2 PM. No, that won’t work. The kids have a game. I can probably make 12:30 if we can do it quickly. What’s your last appointment of the day?”

NOT. Gonna happen. In fact, you’re likely to find after committing the following salon sins you’ll end up blacklisted. This is why.


How to Get Blacklisted at the Beauty Shop


  1. You show up late. Unless there’s an emergency you need to keep your appointment time and if you can’t the courteous thing to do is call ahead and ask if I’ll be inconvenienced if you’re late. If I can manage rescheduling a few appointments or can squeeze you in perhaps after the client who was booked after you, things might still work out. (I won’t be too ticked unless you do it again.)
  2. You don’t listen to my recommendations and I don’t want you to wear and showcase my work anymore. Actually, can I have my business card back? I’m an artist and I’m rather sensitive about my work. If you aren’t taking my advice on grooming, maintaining your color, or taking care of your hair at home, I don’t want you walking down the street as my advertisement.
  3. You talk too much. Concentration grasshopper. Although I love to share stories and learn details about your life, I’m much too focused on doing a quality job than I am hearing about your drama throughout the service. In fact, it can be outright draining to be dumped on every day by all different people and that makes the job all the more taxing, and your appointment, a drag.
  4. You cancel too much. Figure out your schedule and stick to it. If you can’t make your appointments and keep them, then please don’t hinder the ability of other clients to get in with me. Clients get frustrated when they can’t book and if it becomes too difficult, some move on. By canceling your appointments too frequently, you make it harder for everyone and affect client loyalty. Not cool.
  5. You cheat Speaking of loyalty, whether that be with another brow expert or hair colorist, or your trusty box color, you’ve been seeing someone, and it ain’t me. There’s a salon down the street. Good luck.

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