They’re super-professional. So professional and stiff they nearly walk out of your closet themselves, straight out the door, and land that dream job. All while you were looking for a pair of heels, a necklace, or something to give that blazer and pant set a little more personality.

Here’s how you can rock a business suit and feel confident. Because you should always wear your outfits and they should never wear you.

Find Your Fit

Many women are wary of wearing business suits because their fits can be awkward and terrible. Before you buy your professional attire you should try on several different cuts and see which type suits you best. No put intended. Formal and professional wear should never be bought and worn off the rack. You should plan on taking your new suit to the tailor so that small modifications can be made so that it enhances your figure perfectly.

Opt for Color

While you may not get away with wearing a bright red suit or something pastel, you can still dapple with color when you consider your underlayer. Loose silk camisoles in bright cheerful colors can be layered to add some more charisma to your corporate look. If you can only buy one suit, always buy black. You can wear the blazer over your favorite cocktail dress or with leather leggings later.

Wear Accessories

If you feel boring in a suit you should wear more accessories. Big chunky necklaces, thin gold strand chains, or don a scarf tied around your neck. You’ll add more oomph without taking too much off a risk.

Amp Up Your Makeup

Office makeup doesn’t have to be au naturel. You can wear bright pink or red lips and even a cat eye. Focus on clean and sultry rather than bright and garish. Check out our office make up rules for more inspiration.

Wear Shoes You Can Walk In

Biggest mistake? Wearing a suit with shoes you can’t walk in. Confidence is key when you’re wearing business clothing. Whether it’s for a job interview or a work meeting you want to feel good so you make the best first impression.

A suit is an investment. While you can shop at discount retailers or buy separates, consider making an investment in a quality piece that can be altered on-site. Fine clothiers and department stores will not only help you find the right cut that flatters you, they’ll make sure every dart is in place so that your new suit introduces you with confidence before you even speak.


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