Forget the stubble. Waxing is a popular form of hair removal that removes hair from the root, resulting in silky skin for longer periods of time. Shaving often results in knicks, stubble, and cuts, while waxing makes for a much smoother surface, and doesn’t require the regular upkeep of shaving. Whether it’s your eyebrows or your bikini area, understand the benefits of this highly effective hair removal method to determine if it’s right for you.

It’s not just the bikini line you’re worried about. It’s your leg hair, eyebrows, facial hair, everything.

If you’re tired of shaving every single day or are fed up with bleaching creams, waxing might be your best bet. While there is moderate (quick) pain involved, many women find that the following benefits far outweigh the ouch. (Promise!)

  1. Repeated waxing can gradually result in permanent hair loss. This means the more you wax, the better the odds the hair will slowly stop growing. While this isn’t certain in every case, it sure makes a nice benefit for those that experience it.
  2. Waxing is quick. Wax can be applied in larger sections to remove hair from vast areas. If you want to remove your hair quickly, it sure beats the ho-hum task of lathering up and shaving in the shower.
  3. Waxing lasts much longer than shaving. If you’re taking a vacation and want to ensure your bikini line stays tidy, waxing will keep you smooth for up to two weeks. This means no bikini bumps, rashes, or outgrowth. You can feel confident
  4. Waxing works on everybody. Unlike other hair removal techniques, waxing removes all hair types and textures. From fine to coarse, it won’t stand a chance against hot wax.

How Wax Works

Waxing has been performed for centuries. There are two main types used, hot and cold waxes. Both are made from a paraffin or beeswax resin. Once melted, the wax is applied to the skin using a spatula and is left there for a few moments while it cools and molds itself into the hair follicles. Then, a cloth is applied and pulled off, revealing the smooth and hairless skin underneath.

Is Waxing Painful?

How far will you go to look and feel beautiful? While many women are familiar with the waxing process, not everyone has tried it, especially in the bikini region. Part of this is the fear of pain. Rest assured when waxing is performed correctly it is virtually pain-free. While anybody can wax their body at home, Brazilian waxes are best performed by an expert. Save the larger areas for a skilled professional to obtain safe and smooth results.

Ready to rid yourself of unwanted hair? Contact Moore Beauty today and get waxed.

You’ll be back, especially when it’s beach time. Ditch your razor today.

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