Yes. You can wear lipstick during labor. In fact, you’ll probably feel even better when you look back at those birthing moments and see the fresh-faced mother that you are, while you become one. Lipstick can lift your spirits and empower you to take on the moment fearlessly. Here are all the other things you need to have packed and ready in your hospital bag because becoming a mommy is. Tres Chic.


Your lips will be DRY before and after delivery. If you’ve been limited to just ice chips you’ll be craving fluids like nobody’s business and your lips will take the hit. Pack several of your favorite balms and keep them accessible and within arm’s reach.

Massage Oil or Lotion

Whether it’s a relaxing back or a foot massage, bring some lavender oil or lotion so your partner or support system can rub you down with a comforting glide. Aromatherapy will also relax and comfort you which is so important once those labor pains become hot and heavy.

Yoga Pants or a Flowy Caftan

What to wear on the way home with the baby? A caftan of course. A loose housedress will make breastfeeding easier if you plan to go that route. If you’re anti-dresses a nice comfy and stretchy pair of yoga pants will likely accommodate your belly, post-baby bump.


Don’t limit yourself to hospital toiletries. Especially if you have long hair! Most hospitals have basic toiletries and post-baby you’ll want to feel like yourself as you recover. Pack your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and body washes so you’ll look and feel your best. Don’t forget a wide tooth comb, your favorite hairbrush, and lots of lots of hair elastics.


So many women forget to pack this styling tool, yet you will likely need it. Labor can last for days, and in the event you have a c-section you’ll likely be cooped up at the hospital wishing your locks looked lovely.

Slippers and a Dressing Gown

Pack several pairs of your favorite pajamas and a nice pair of slippers so you can walk around the ward in comfort and style. A bed jacket or a cashmere cardigan will make resting even cozier.

iPad or iPod

Once baby is born there will be plenty of naps. Keep yourself busy by downloading some of your favorite movies on the iPad, and store as many relaxing tracks as you can on your iPod so you can zone out after all that hard work.

Baby Books

Although this popular baby-shower gift often gets left at home, if you pack it with you, you’ll be able to ink your baby’s footprint on it right away and record the details of your day without forgetting a single thing.

When to Pack Your Hospital Bag

Planning for the delivery day is exciting. Pack these essentials and have them ready to go at least one month prior to your due date. Your baby may arrive as scheduled, or your water could break in the middle of the night. the last thing you want to do is find yourself running around throwing all the essentials into a duffel while labor pains are striking. In fact, ditch the duffel and find yourself a stylish tote that you can use as a diaper bag later. First impressions are everything. Welcome you and your baby into the world with style. That’s what being a fashionable mom is all about.



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