What’s lurking inside that pedicure bowl? How about on the nail tool implements? Bacteria, chemicals, and poor products can all be found at your neighborhood nail salon. While corner shop nail salons offer walk-in convenience and no appointment needed scheduling, there’s a very important reason you should book your nail grooming appointments at professional salon/spa boutique that handles each service with care and safety.

Here’s a look at the big nail horrors that can be discovered in many small nail shops.

Nailing the Worst Dangers in Common Nail Salons

  1. Unsanitized implements- Dangerous bacteria can lend itself to deadly staph and other infections. Singer and American Idol judge Paula Abdul contracted a fungal infection back in 2005 that lead to her thumbnail removal. Unsanitary conditions can be fatal and unless you know what to look for, you should be diligent about selecting a nail service provider. Staph, HIV, and athlete’s foot can all be contracted through unsanitized equipment. Foot bowls and manicure chairs and stools should all be clean and treated with a hospital-grade disinfectant prior to each use. As far as implements are concerned, each customer should be serviced with properly sanitized equipment to prevent infections.
  2. Face Masks and Illegal Acrylics- Why on earth is she (or he) wearing a face mask while you sit relaxing during your appointment, inhaling the toxic fumes? Some of the products that are used for acrylics at common nail shops might be illegal, and not meant for the nails. In fact, they could be formulated for dental use. Check the acrylic bottles and look for MMA. A reputable salon will use EMA, and a face mask won’t be necessary.
  3. Watered Down Products- Another common horror is watered down products that will not result in the quality that you’re paying for, and your gel manis and pedis won’t last as long.
  4. Out and In- A professional nail salon will not treat you like a number, they’ll treat your nails with care. If you are rushed in and out, you’ve probably experienced the ring of fire when having your gel manicure and tips removed. Some salons will even pop off your nails to make the removal fast. This is incredibly painful and damages your natural nail bed. Proper removal takes time, but if you’re just a number, your time is limited.
  5. Nasty Pumice Stones- Pumice stones can not be sanitized because they are porous. You’ll be getting scrubbed with the same stone that’s holding everyone else’s dead skin cells. This cut costs and save the salons money, but it’s absolutely grotesque, for you.

What to Do

The best thing you can do to protect yourself from unsightly nail woes and dangerous infections is to go to a reputable establishment.

Walk in and ask how they sanitize their equipment. They have to show you. They should also show you exactly what they’re using on you and their product ingredients. Don’t be afraid to stand up for your health and safety when you’re opting for a service of any kind.

If your nail salon is not using pedicure liners in their bowls, you have officially walked into the little shop of nail horrors.


Contact Moore Beauty today and book your gel nails, acrylics, and pedicure appointments at a place you can trust. They’ll be bootiful!



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