Want to know an ancient beauty secret? For generations, Chinese women have been using jade rollers to prevent wrinkles and refine skin elasticity. Believed to possess many mystical properties, jade is a symbol of love and longevity.

All About Jade Rollers

What is a Jade Roller?

A jade roller is a beauty tool that’s been around forever. Just now becoming popular in the US, they are one of the hottest and most beautiful discoveries in the world of beauty trends. You may have seen these rollers allover your social network feeds. The tool resembles a small paint roller, featuring a green oblong jade stone right in the center.

What Does It Do?

So much more than a pretty stone, jade rollers get all the ickiness out of your skin. Massaging the jade roller tool on your face stimulates collagen, removes toxins, drains lymph nodes, and balances your chi. With regular use, this magnificent stone can brighten and lighten your complexion while minimizing all those other woes such as dark circles and under eye bags.

How Often Should You Use One?

For best results, you should use your jade roller nightly after applying all your moisturizers and serums. For a calming spa-like experience, store your roller in the fridge. The cool touch depuffs your skin while helping you feel relaxed and refreshed.

Do They Really Work?

One of the current top beauty trends, jade rollers can improve your skin with regular use, so long as they are real jade. This means a handcrafted product with fine attention to detail. Avoid bargain priced jade rollers as many of the budget varieties are nothing more than colored glass. To experience the benefits of a jade roller you need to be using a real jade stone.

Where to Buy a Jade Facial Roller

Fortunately, since the jade roller trend has officially caught on, there are many different styles and price point option, should you want to try this hot beauty buy yourself. You can do an online search for anti-wrinkle jade rollers, or visit a local health food store and see if you can get lucky in the personal care aisle.

Why You Need a Jade Roller Today

You should never buy into senseless beauty trends. Why not experience a traditional beauty treatment that has stood the test of time? If anything, a jade roller feels wonderful, cooling, and refreshing on the skin. And it looks pretty on top your bathroom counter, too.

Take your skincare rituals to the next level of calm and roll one of these stones allover after a long day. And then go order Chinese food. Because really, who has time to cook? (Not me!)

Just try one.

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